Lead Designer

Jacob Berroya leads the design team in creating innovative, fresh, and inspiring content for our clients. Since joining RedRock Strategies in February of 2018, he and his team have been able to provide animated videos, web designs, and still graphics that have helped in winning campaigns throughout the United States. In addition to his work in the States, he also worked with the design team from the Liberal Party of South Australia. Jacob takes pride in making an effort to create original content for clients using his skills in photography, sound design, and film directing to best meet client needs.

Jacob comes from a background of Graphic Design and has worked for an international Chinese design company as well as local design shops in the Las Vegas area. Before venturing into the world of design, he started off developing game applications for the IOS and Android devices.

If Jacob isn't found with his face glued to a computer monitor, you can find him enjoying his time working out or spending quality time with friends at your local Korean BBQ restaurant.