Intern Spotlight: Ben Saham

Hey! My name is Ben Saham, self-proclaimed intern-extraordinaire at RedRock Strategies - a digital consulting firm that can provide you with hyper-targeted digital ads to help better tell your story. It’s unbelievable that my time with RedRock will soon come to a close. Reflecting on this summer intern experience, it is clear to me that not only have I grown professionally, but RedRock has given me cardinal tools to add to my personal toolbox.

Organizing polling data for an entire state, writing digital and social media copy for clients or helping co-workers compile presentations for potential clients are only some of the sharpened or new tools I will be taking home with me. However, learning from some of the fields most masterful minds was only part of the experience - working in an office that features as much camaraderie as RedRock is a memory I will always cherish. It’s not often you find a workspace where everyone trusts, respects, and believes in one another. I believe this camaraderie is a driving force behind their product, it is clear to me that this work environment is conducive to giving RedRock an edge over its competitors.

From talking about the upcoming NBA season with the digital team, to celebrating birthdays, all the way to discussing about how to deal with loss, the RedRock team is family and as long as you meet the criteria: a friendly demeanor, an honest heart, and a drive to better the community around you, you’ll fit right in. Thank you to all of my friends, co-workers, colleagues, and mentors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Cheers!